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Positive: Shared goals

Negative: Mismatched goals

Misaligned goals occur when functional areas, departments, teams, managers or employees in the same organization work with more focus on their own goals than on shared common goals.


It can be both conscious or unconscious. If it is conscious, there is perhaps more incentive to work for oneself than for the common good. If it is unconscious, it is possibly due to a lack of information, prioritization or something else. 


When we share goals with each other, it creates a bond that lets us make faster, more compatible decisions both for each other and for the company as a whole. It is a quality that is particularly applicable in situations where new information becomes available and challenges the status quo.

Tools for working with goals

#1 forventninger.png
#2 samskabelse.png
#3 afstemning.png

Examples of mismatched goals:

In the development department of the pencil factory, their bonus depends on the quality of new pencils. They are therefore very detailed and aware of the smallest nuances that make the pencil something very special. In the production department, the bonus is measured by the number of pencils produced. When the development department sends their latest ideas, there is always frustration in the production department, as the time it takes to make the new 'smart' pencils is always much longer than the old ordinary ones.


At Hotel Sammen, the hotel owner discovers one day that every night there are rooms that are empty, and this is bad for business. As he asks around, it becomes clear that the front desk always keeps rooms empty in case there are some customers who need a new room because there is something wrong with the old one. When the receptionist needs to use the room, cleaning has gone home - and they are measured on how quickly they can clean the room, not on checking the room for faults. The owner's goal is the best possible turnover, the receptionist's goal, on the other hand, is the happiest possible customers.

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