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Positive: Frequency of communication

Negative: Rare communication

Our relationships are affected by how often we communicate with each other. 

Frequent communication strengthens the relationship between us, as we become more familiar and comfortable in each other's company. And even if we speak nicely to each other and are precise in our wording, there is still a great need for you to meet and nurture the relationship. 


It will also contribute to us being able to respond to information at the right time, as we will be continuously updated on what is needed by the others. 

Tools for working with frequency

#13 relationer.png
#14 mødestrukturer.png
#15 platforme.png

Examples of rare communication:

The pencil factory has recently invested more and more in the development of new products, and several functional areas describe that they are busy with new opportunities. After a few months, however, it is clear that two of the largest teams have worked on almost identical proposals, which were about optimizing the lifetime of the eraser. When it was calculated, it was clear that there were many wasted hours - and it would have been discovered quickly if there had been a little more communication.


In the pencil factory, the department with wood processing and the department with lead production are very dependent on their elements fitting together. A week before the new flagship in pencils goes into production, however, it becomes evident that the lead is too large to fit in the wood. It creates frustration - and in the investigation of the error afterwards, it becomes clear that it could have been avoided if the departments had adjusted each other's work on an ongoing basis.

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